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The last (6th)TPM LTTA meeting on Tenerife-Santa Cruz

The last TPM LTTA meeting was conducted on Tenerife-Santa Cruz (31/03/2019-05/04/2019)

DEVELOPMENT and CONCLUSIONS: During this meeting we worked on the results derived from all the previous meetings. We presented the manual or booklet which contains the results of all the activities carried out for the students to share what they have learned during the exchanges by working virtually with other cultural background students. A handbook of all the activities and important information from each partner country on the job opportunities or choices young people have, were shared. This will assist as a “dictionary” in trying to find essential information on universities and job opportunities. We also did Swot analysis, as we do in every meeting.

On the first day there was the Official welcome meeting at the high school library with a traditional Canarias music group and icebreaking activities. The students made presentations and each country presented its tasks. The students also attended classes and the teachers had a meeting. Then we had lunch and did a guided tour of La Laguna.

On the second day there was a trip to Santa Cruz, during which we visited the surroundings and then a guided visit to the Museum of Nature and Man where we discussed about job & life skills in the area from the past to the present. After this, we walked all together to the Island Government, visited the building, met with a representative and exchanged presents.  Then we had a Teacher's Meeting in the Auditorium and free time to see the city.

On the third day, there was a teachers' meeting at school. The students attended classes. Then we took the bus to EL TEIDE with a stop at El Portillo Visitor Center. We visited the Teide National Park, the largest and oldest park on the Canary Islands, that in 2007 was declared as a World Heritage Site in the Natural Well category by UNESCO. We had a discussion with geologists about job & life skills and they explained to us that the Teide volcano, which is the third highest volcanic structure in the world, is its main attraction.  Then we visited the museum which features a recreation of the inside of a volcanic tunnel, interactive elements, picture boards and back-lit panels. The geologists led us to the hall with an audiovisual projector to help us understand the creation of the Teide-Pico Viejo crater upon which the complex stands. The Botanical Gardens beside the El Portillo Visitor Centre are there to display, research and reproduce the area's native flora, and we were taught from agronomists that the gardens receive international backing with the aim of supporting the recovery of endangered plant species. In the afternoon we visited La Orotava, guided by an architect who explained to us that the town is made up of wonderfully kept traditional houses, leading the town center to be declared a Historic-Artistic Site.

On the fourth day there was a teachers' meeting at school and students attended classes.  Then we took the bus to the South of the island, where we visited the largest cheese factory on Tenerife (Quesería Montesdeoca). We were guided by the owners and attended all the productions stages, how cheesemakers produce some of the tastiest cheeses n the Canary Islands and tested the dairy products. The students learned about life and job skills of a manager, a cheesemaker and a coat breeder.

Afterwards, we visited the Siam Park Water Park and attended a presentation from some workers of the different jobs & life skills in a water park.

 During the last day local students presented the school and we all attended a typical class. Then we had a teachers' meeting. After the meeting, we all prepared for the rehearsal of our song about "Life & Job Skills". Each country has written some lyrics. Finally, we recorded the song. Then there was a lunch-buffet with typical food from all countries. In the evening the Farewell party with a Carnival dancing group, dinner cooked by parents and teachers, music and dancing was held at school.  Evaluation and closing of the project.