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First transnational learning activity meeting - Kokkinochoria Panou Ioannou Junior High School, Frenaros, Cyprus

The week from the 26th February to 3rd of March 2018 Panos Ioannou  Junior High School of Kokkinochoria in Cyprus, hosted the 1st transnational learning activity meeting and 2nd transnational project meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 project “Life and Job Skills for Successful Europeans”

With great enthusiasm students and teachers of the school hosted 12 students and 10 teachers from the partner countries, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Austria.

Arrivals started on Saturday 24/02/2018 and continued on Sunday 25/02/2018 and Monday 26/02/2018 at different times. Teachers stayed at Atrium Zenon Hotel Apartments in Larnaca,    and the Students were picked up by families from the airport.

On Monday 26/02/2018 the visiting students attended classes at school with host students the first two periods. All the visitors met with the Principal and school staff, had a tour of the school and enjoyed a traditional Cypriot breakfast.                           

At the decorated auditorium we had the official welcoming with short speeches from our school Principal, the President of the Parents Association and local authorities. Each country introduced briefly their participants and Cyprus presented traditional Cypriot songs and traditional Cypriot dances where everyone joined in a marvelous way!                  

After a break the Ice breaking activities took place at the languages classroom. A medley of songs from the partner countries which was prepared by our music teacher was sung by all. After a short break Cyprus, Spain and Austria presented their schools and the letters which they were assigned or/and interviews on jobs from their countries.                                

The afternoon was free for shopping/sightseeing and socializing! The teachers had a working dinner to plan and discuss certain issues of the project.      

On Tuesday 27/02/2018 everyone in the project came to school for an eTwinning workshop for 90 minutes in the computer class with Ms. Andromachi Pieridou.

At 9:15 teachers and students got in a bus and left for the excursion of the free area of Ammochostos. We visited first the Environmental Centre at Kavo Greco where we saw an exhibition of the animals and plants of the area and had a walk outside seeing different flora and fauna. We left in about an hour and a half for the Open Air Museum of Traditional Professions where we saw tools of old jobs. There we also met with the mayor of Deryneia. He  welcomed everyone and gave a short speech. After about an hour we left for the Famagusta Viewpoint (Deryneia) where we watched a short video about the invasion of 1974 and viewed the occupied city of Famagusta.  After that we visited the Agricultural school in Avgorou where the headmaster of the school talked to us about the programs offered there and the training that student get. At Avgorou we also visited a traditional old museum where different occupations where exhibited.            

Lunch in Avgorou at a local restaurant was offered by the mayor of Avgorou for teachers and students. Also a cup was given to everyone as a present.    

In the afternoon we visited the Botanical Gardens where we all had a marvelous time learning about the Cypriot herbs and their uses and playing in the labyrinth.                                         

Fantastic day full of information and fun!

 On Wednesday 28/02/2018 the day started with the students at school separated into two workshops where they made soaps and bath bombs.  After about an hour the students went to Larnaca by bus where they met the teachers. We had a Guided Tour: “Larnaca past and present”. This two-hour city walking tour of Larnaka, with a professional tour guide, offered a fascinating insight into the history, development, traditions, culture and architecture of this great city. After the city tour we visited Alexander College where they informed us about their programs and treated us with a drink and a snack. We continued our day with a visit to a factory of metal work (MESCO) where we saw people at work and they explained to us how they work with metal and how they produce huge barrels for oil, gas etc.       We had lunch at PIZZA HUT at Phinikoudes area in Larnaca.                                    

 On Thursday 01/03/2018 students left school from Frenaros at 7.30 to pick up teachers from Larnaca Hotel and went to Nicosia. A City Guide was offered by the Cyprus Tourist Organization. We visited the Handicraft Centre, Museums, churches and Ledra  street where the town is divided.  We left to continue our traditional day in Athienou where we enjoyed a taste of Cyprus' traditions.  The tour started at the Kallinikeio Museum, followed by Halloumi and Anari  cheese making at the house of Father Kallinikos. The visit culminated with a visit to the restored Flour Mill. Thereafter, we had a delicious meze lunch at Xaroula’s famous tavern.

Friday 02/03/2018 was our last official day. Visiting students came to school with hosting students and attended classes for the first two periods. The presentation from Italy followed       and a Break with Cyprus breakfast. A walking visit to the Flour Mill of Xatjigiorki across from our school, where it was explained how the flour was made through history was very interesting. Later at school the presentations from Portugal and Greece took place.                                         

 A questionnaire, evaluating the week from all the participants followed.

Finally traditional Cypriot and Greek dances at the closing ceremony was followed by presentation of participation certificates, short speech from school principal, presents to our guests and our potpouri song from the different partner countries.            

Students went to families for Lunch and the teachers had fish meze at a restaurant at Ayia Napa.  Our farewell dinner / party at school was offered by the Parents Association.

The groups departed at different times on Saturday 03/03/2018, Sunday 04/03/2018, Monday 05/03/2018            Goodbye – αντίο – arrivederci – ciao – tschϋss – adiόs – adeus