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Project Summary

Life and Job Skills for successful Europeans (LJSSE) is a European project in which six partners from Greece, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Austria and Spain participate. The main objective of the project “Life and Job Skills for successful Europeans” is to establish a knowledge alliance which will allow us to share practices in the field of developing and  improving  skills and key personal competences of learners such us: 
wish initiative and responsibility, persistence in achieving goals, perception - learning speed, common sense, Self-test - resistance to pressure and stress, confidence, flexibility – adaptability ,effectiveness, results orientation class - diligence / attention to detail, creativity / innovation cooperation, willingness - disposal, determination consistency - conscience, responsibility - professionalism positive spirit, optimism - excitement, interpersonal sensitivity, giving special emphasis to the aid of the Information and Communication Technologies.
The main objectives are to:
1)  Promote dialogue, respect, participation, knowledge and decision making among countries in the European Union;
2) Bring greater understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity;
3) Develop and improve skills and key personal competences;
4) Provide necessary knowledge and skills to search and find appropriate careers according to their skills and talents,
5) Work together and to share information with other educational institutions;
6) Develop collaborative learning strategies and entrepreneurship among students and teachers;
7) Increase competency in English as a common language in the European Union;
8) Improve the level of digital competence.
Most of the participating schools or the teachers being involved in the project have previous experience in the organization of European projects, or have participated in the former Comenius partnerships.
Life and job skills for successful Europeans (LJSSE) is a project that in many ways will promote and ensure a European awareness and togetherness, that is only achievable by cooperating, communicating, sharing and working with other students coming from different educational contexts, different cultures and, in fact, different realities within the European “family” of countries. This project will allow our institutions and our people to make contact with a multicultural European reality where different languages are spoken with different traditions, but where we all share a common principle and same life values, as we all belong to the same community.

  The establishment of such a knowledge alliance in which six diverse partners are involved will empower us to accomplish the desired objectives, since it will allow our students to observe for themselves other learning environments and especially other cultures.
By sharing ideas, practices and experiences around the topic of life and job skills, we would develop and reinforce a network which our whole educational community would take advantage of, since it would create positive and long lasting effects upon those directly and indirectly involved, from our students to our teaching staff, as well as the students' families, our administrative staff and, what is more, the municipalities where our institutions are located.
The ages of the students directly involved in the project are from 12 to 17 years old. The students' exchange will enable them to see for themselves how similar and how different we all are in this European family. The exchanges would also have a motivational impact on our students and provide an opportunity to the ones coming from low income families to visit and and get in touch with other European cultures.
LJSSE is a project designed by professional educators who understand the needs of the next generation and feel that it is necessary to empower our young students to be successful in tomorrow’s competitive world. Life skills are a must in the 21st century no matter what anyone decides to perceive in their future personal and/or professional encounters.